The Samu is a Colombian singer, composer, songwriter, rapper, audiovisual producer and CEO of 1113 Music.

He was born in March of 1997, in Pereira, Colombia. In 2014 he started this crazy adventure in the music with the Reggaetón genre with his single Fantasía Sexual, song that due to its great acceptance had a remix with an artist from Puerto Rico.

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Samu it’s recognized for working with world-renowned artists and producers. In 2019 he structures his career and begins to be in different media with his single “Or Nah (Spanish version)” trap type song.

The artist has been in many events and awards in the music scene, sharing the different carpets with great artists and public figures.

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After his quarantine release titled “Distancia”, The Samu prepares to present to the market his new song named “FlowStar” R&B type song in which he thanks all those who have been part of his process and wants to motivate people to work for their dreams.

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